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Sleep Creep - Sleeping girls fucked

Sleeping beauties banged while asleep

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December 11 2009
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 14:58 ]
Kacey Jordan at Sleep Creep
Kacey Jordan gets fucked sleeping in the sauna after a hard workout
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November 30 2009
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 09:45 ]
Bliss Lei at Sleep Creep
Awesome slut Bliss Lei gets her pants pulled down and fucked during workout nap
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January 20 2009
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 10:33 ]
Ally Ann at Sleep Creep
When I went on a road trip with my incredibly hot blonde friend Ally, she warned me she could get a bit wild. I was completely down for that, in fact I made sure she was going to get wild! We partied the entire trip and fucked at least twice a day on the side of the road! I couldn't help but fuck the shit out of her when she would flash her perky tits and round luscious ass in traffic. She was pretty worn out one day and took a nap in the back of the van. A smile came to my face when I came on hers!
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January 13 2009
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:59 ]
Cali Lee at Sleep Creep
I love party girls. I met a really cute Asian slut at my best friends party last night. I mean this girl was fucking CUTE! Perky nice tits, a gorgeous round ass and the most incredible smile I've seen in a while. We start talking and I tell her how much I'm into fucking her and she spills her drink on me and walks away. Later that night after a few drinks, I notice her staring at me and giving me the "I need to FUCK RIGHT NOW" look. I whisper in her ear to go upstairs and next thing I know I'm undressing the whore and she is just hungry for my cock! Of course when she passes out, I make sure the after party is just as sweet as her moist pussy!
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December 23 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 10:06 ]
Natalia Rossi at Sleep Creep
Office Christmas parties are the best! I went home with a perky breasted smoking hot foreign chick named Natalia who just turned 18! I had her wrapped around my cock like a hoe on a candy cane. We were both in the mood for unwrapping some gifts if you know what I mean. When I saw that delicious tight pussy I couldn't help but go for it and dove right in! She was REALLY into it but I noticed she was laying still after a while and realized she was asleep. I thought about it for a split second and when I saw that pretty little 18 year old ass I had to slip in and out. Like Santa I slide down her chimney and left her a present... all over her jolly little face!
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December 15 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:53 ]
Lilly Lovely at Sleep Creep
I went out on a date with Lily Lovely who happens to be one of the sweetest, most caring and horniest 18 year old girl out there! She was by herself when I met her at outside a movie last weekend. I approached her incredible 18 year old body and when we started flirting, I knew I had her. I couldn't stop staring at her fucking sweet tits and that round teenage ASS! We went out to dinner and she invited me over to her apartment for dessert...she had warm pie waiting or me. she looked tired but I didnt give a shit as long as I was getting mine. She ended up falling asleep while I was fucking her. I finished and a few minutes later I went back in for seconds!
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Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:51 ]
Jewel Bancroft at Sleep Creep
18 year old pussy is a beautiful thing in life. When it comes your way you gotta make sure you get all the mileage out of it you can before it slips away. When it came to Asian delight Jewel, she was ready to fuck any cock that came close to her. She slept over all day after a LONG night of passionate wild sex and if you're like many other guys, you like to show off that you fucked one of the hottest 18 year old pussies anyone will ever cum across.
A buddy of mine came over and knowing what a creep he is, I shared the fortune and wealth. She was asleep like a log when she got a mouthful of cock, and the best part was she looked like she was running on instinct the way she was sucking on it.
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Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:49 ]
Dani Jensen at Sleep Creep
Dani came over last night horny as hell, just aching for some cock in her mouth. I was at a friends house just hanging out so I told her to meet me at my place in 15 minutes and to go right ahead and make her self comfortable if I wasn't there.
Turns out it took me an hour to get home. When I walked into my room I saw cute Dani laid out on my bed, spread eagle and ready to fuck! What was even better was that she was asleep! Didn't stop me from slipping in my cock in that sweet tight pussy! Her ass is so perky and round and just beyond amazing! Then next morning I woke up to her sucking my hard cock!
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Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:48 ]
Pepper Foxxx at Sleep Creep
Camping latina teen hottie falls asleep and dude slips his big dick in her mouth
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Posted by BigBoobs  [ 00:47 ]
Mia Lina at Sleep Creep
Hot girl sleeping with her plushy toy gets a fat dick stuffed into her pussy & mouth.
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